Nginx config for Cloud Torrent

If Cloud Torrent setup not working with Nginx, try the below codes. Nginx as Reverse Proxy location / { proxy_pass; } location /sync { proxy_pass; proxy_http_version 1.1; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection $connection_upgrade; } Native Nginx location /

Filemasking in DigitalOcean Spaces Sync

DigitalOcean Spaces Sync plugin connects your WordPress Media Library to a container in DigitalOcean Spaces. It syncs data such as images, attachments from your website to DigitalOcean Spaces Object Storage and replaces links to images (optional). You may keep the

Increase Swap in Linux

Swap space is fake memory that is actually disk space. The purpose of swap space is to be emergency overflow memory. Normally, if your server runs out of memory, the Linux kernel has to decide which processes to kill to

Install & Use Geekbench 5 on Linux

Geekbench is a cross-platform processor benchmark tool with a scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performance and workloads that simulate real-world scenarios. The higher Geekbench score means the better and faster CPU. Enter the following commands one by one: