Cloudflare optimal & recommended settings

If you Google “cloudflare settings for wordpress” you will find a lot people giving tutorials how to speed up sites using cloudflare. Let me tell you all of them are bullshit. The more you optimize cloudflare the more problems you’re gonna face.

Here is the settings that I use where you won’t get any cache problems while keeping the cloudflare security.

Crypto -> SSL = Full

Speed -> Auto Minify = Untick everything (JavaScript, CSS & HTML)

Speed -> Rocket Loader = Off

Caching -> Caching Level = No query string

Caching -> Browser Cache Expiration = Respect Existing Headers

Caching -> Always Online = Off

Firewall -> Settings -> Security Level = High

Firewall -> Settings -> Challenge Passage = 15 Minutes

Disable Cloudflare Caching

Cloudflare Caching is the most terrible thing. This is the culprit in most problems. If you are like me who hates cloudflare caching then create a Page Rules in cloudflare with the path ** and select Cache = Bypass

This rules will apply on the domain including all of its subdomains. For example:

Thanks to sdayman who helped me to achieve this.